T.B.S. - Time Machine - Sismic Music 029

We are very proud to present you Time Machine by T.B.S. that will be the 29th release of the label.

T.B.S. (initials of The Bloody Sisters) is a band based in Paris and, unlike the appearances, exclusively composed by men. They’re about to release their first EP « Time Machine EP » on the label Sismic Music. Already supported by new scene names such as Mr Flash, Naive New Beaters, this first EP with a definite electro-funk groove will feature the track Time Machine already available on the compilation Ever Better released by EMI and an exclusive remix by Alyoa aka Guillaume Manbell a half of Teenage Bad Girl band.

Supported by

Tsugi, Lifelike, Mr Flash, Château Marmont, Naive New Beaters, Symbolone, Grum, The Disco Boys, Flash Brothers, ToNYoX…

1 réponse
  1. Ethan Wood
    Ethan Wood dit :

    Enormissime le Time Machine (original) j'adore, c'est funky et puissant a la fois, certaien sonorites me font penser a un melange entre du Justice, du Daft et du ScottGroove :D !!!

    bien joué ;) !!!


    Ethan W.



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