Wize - Grand Voyage on Beatport

Wize - Grand Voyage on Beatport

We are very proud to present you our brand new EP « GRAND VOYAGE » by Wize along with massive remixes by Artego, T.B.S. and Slow Motion!

Available on Beatport!

DJ Support & Feedback

Da Fresh

Bon EP. Pour moi l’original est le meilleur. Je le jouerai dans mon podcast ;-)

Dan Marciano

nice track

favorite mix : artego


DJ Chloé

artego remix is good and groovy peak time stuff.

Dumb Dan (Twelve Bombs / Armada / Fektive, SE)

Good package, Artego mix is my favourite!

Kenny Wee (Pure Substance)

The Original Mix and Artego remix is the best mix of the lot. T.B.S. remix is disco cool too!

Liz Cirelli

The TBS remix is fun!

Dave Cortex

Really great package, every single mix is good.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think T.B.S.’s remix really does the job for me.  Awesome release!

Nick Pitman

Great stuff – Love your original mix, will be kicking that 2nt on Minx Radio & our parties this month


Mortel je viens de faire un edit pour la radio

Laurent Schark

Great release.
I really like the groove TBS gave in his remix. will be the first one onto my tracklisting this week.
Good job, guys. Be sure you get my full support on this release.

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