SM027D – Teka « Chips » (PART II)


DJ Chloé

Greg Delon Remix is stunning! would love to play it. beautiful beautiful. x

Adi Dumitra (Only Records)

The Greg Delon remix is amazing, deep and catchy, dark and housey at the same time, this will get my full support.

Gordon Hollenga (Disco Boys)

I like Teka.

Rick Warner

This release is definitely playable but not mind-blowing. Dalcan’s mix was very Bangin’ Ed Banger-y. Delon sort of went the Luca Bacchetti tribal minimal style and it worked well without pushing many boundaries. I really liked the Work In Progress mix as it had the ‘freshest’ <– (stupid word) sound, meaning I hadn’t heard that style being made much these days. Would definitely find a place for all of them in various sets.

Zlatko Dimitrijevic

Delon remix for me , good sounds and production :)

Thomas Kazey Prevost

The Andre Dalcan Remix kills it !!!

DJ Alexandar

Amazing tracks!!! Neon is my fav.

Kosmas Epsilon

Excellent pack once again, amazing electro-techno mix from work in progress. Peaktime bomb!

Lee Bradley

Nice release buddy, can definately give this my support :)

Flash Brothers

Andre Dalcan remix is good :-) Like it

Marco Smith (TTR Magazine)

The Kolombo mis has been great for me, like the delon remix and the w.i.p rmx here.

Part 1 already supported by
Laurent Garnier, Miss Kittin, DJ Chloe, DJ Sultan, Flash Brothers, Liz Cirelli, Bogdan Taran, Kosma Epsilon, Kenny Wee, Ian Robinson, Michael Paterson, RED-EYE, Lorenzo Al Dino, Magma crew (It), Mico …

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